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On the off chance that an OPC is inoperative for over one year from the date of consolidation then the owner may apply for closure of the Company under the method of Fast Track Exit (FTE) plan of the MCA. If not it can would up voluntarily or by the order of NCLT. As despite the fact that it's inoperative it is obligatorily required to file all compliances and regular returns punctually. Thus it is smarter to file for the closure, so the stakeholders of the Company are relaxed from satisfying the legal and regulatory compliances.


INR 16,999
Per Class
  • One Person Company Closure
  • Closure Filing
  • Closure Update


INR 16,999
Per Class
  • Public Company Closure
  • Closure Filing
  • Closure Update


INR 12,999
Per Class
  • LLP Company Closure
  • Closure Filing
  • Closure Update

Main Prior Conditions before intiating Strike off One Person Company


1. the company has filed its upto date all the financial statements and annual return with the Registrar of Companies.

2. the subscriber to the Memorandum have not paid the subscription which they had undertaken to pay at the time of incorporation and a declaration to this effect has not been filed within 180 days of the incorporation.

3. the company is not carrying on any business or operations as revealed after the physical verification carried out under section 12(9) of the Act.

4. the company has no secured loan and no charge is in existence.

5. no inquiry, technical scrutiny, inspection or investigation is ordered orpending against the company.

6. no prosecution or any compounding application for any offence under the Act or under any of the other Acts is pending against the company or against the undersigned.



Discussion and collection of basic Information

Provide required documents


Review of the details and documents furnished

Drafting of necessary resolutions

Drafting of the affidavit, indemnity bond and other documents

Provide duly executed affidavit 7 indemnity bond

Provide signed documents after review


Preparation of applications for online filing

Filing of required forms and documents with MCA

Application for striking-off company name


Government processing time to approve strike-off


It encourages you to spare each year consistence cost.

Spares you from rebelliousness punishments.

No More Headache of record keeping.

No more executive in Default.

Shutting an organization will keep you from superfluous IT requests.

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Documents Required to close a one person company

1. Incorporation Documents-Company’s MoA – AoA, Certificate of Incorporation, PAN card and other registration certificates

2. Financial Statements:-The latest financial statement of the Company.

3. Identity & Address proof of Directors & Shareholders

4. Creditors: No objection certificate from Creditors(if any)

Frequently Asked Questions

The Process of shutting a One Person Company (OPC) is known as Strike off or Company Closure . Company Closure is done under the Companies (Removal of Names of Companies) Rules, 2016 which represented by Section 248 of Companies Act, 2013. On the off chance that you are not running your organization, we prescribe you to close your One Person Company asap in order to save your skin.

A Company closure is filed under Form STK 2 along with the government fees of Rs.10000/- and above mentioned docs.

If you are not making profit nor any ray of making profit. The Company is inoperative. Then we recommend you to close the One Person Company at the earliest.

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